Heavy Metal made in Germany

»Heavy Metal made in Germany« follows the NWOBHM- and US-Metal-series from Iron Pages. As it is well known, the prophet in his own country isnt't much worth and bands like ACCEPT, RUNNING WILD and BLIND GUARDIAN would still perform at retired youth-clubs if millions of abroad selled albums didn't bring them a wider acception in Germany, too.

Just like always, the present volume does not only value already established acts but also diverse misunderstood bands like IRON ANGEL, VIVA and LIVING DEATH and dozens of obscure privat bands as BLACK FATE, EXPLODER, HEADSTONE, ATTACK or TOXIN!

Does a specifically German Hey Metal-sound exist? This and other interesting questions are fully discussed on 224 pages which also include a top-100 list of rarities, interviews with Manfred Schütz (head of SPV), Boggi Kopec (Dakkar Promotion).

Authors: Otger Jeske, Arno Hofmann, Matthias Mader, Sandra Eichner, Ralf Hartmann, Oliver C. Thöns, Oliver Loffhagen, Danny Pizzini, Stefan Riermaier, Peter Higeist, Stefan Meyer, Stefan Glas, Frank Stöver

Release Date: April 1998

224 many pictures

Language: german

Price: 14,90 Euro

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